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“Some people think happiness is a luxury, but it’s a necessity. You need to make space for it in your life.” – Christie Brinkley

Whether you are fond of sports, art & photography or environment – you can always customize your home décor as per your passion theme. We all love luxury…don’t we? But often we believe luxury and opulence comes with high end goods and expensive items. However, Even with ingenuity and creativity, you can turn your residential space into a visual and luxury splendour. Let’s brainstorm some creative ideas for home décor –

  1. Mirror on the Wall – You keep visiting your friends and neighbours. And we believe you have come across ornately framed mirrors of varied shapes and sizes on the walls. The mirror makes room look spacious and reflects visual lavishness of matchless variety. To give a luxurious look, you can go for oversized mirror and this can be easily manageable. You can keep a mirror in an arty and elegant form for more light and space.
  1. Lighting – A key element of any luxurious home is optimum lightening. Positional and dazzling lighting gives a great makeover. Hung lights from the ceiling and mount them on the walls in such a manner that illumination should be throughout the room, the adjustable necks and lamps can be placed at varied specific points. For study room and bedroom table, functionality is more important as compared with room illumination so go for task specific lighting.
  1. Carpets & Rugs – Can you believe simply a rug can define a room, add warmth and help in layering a room’s décor. Don’t be stereotype that a rug has to be rectangular in shape. You can change the shapes and sizes and play with the colors, keeping in mind the wall color of the room. With the rugs, you can define an area. You can keep it in sitting or dining area and foyers.
  1. Decorate the Walls with Art – You have plenty of options to decorate your wall with. Plants, paintings, leather panels, trimmings and collection of art & photograph. If you have large empty wall in your drawing room, be creative and go for a painting. By this way, you can inject hobby and personality into your personal space. Nothing adds color and personality like a gallery wall.
  1. Showcase Fabric – Have you ever imagined showcasing a fabric in guest or bedroom can add softness to a space? Yes, it is so, make a try and enhance the look.
  1. Wooden Wonders – The use of wood creates an elegance and sophistication. From flooring to wall panel, bed to sofa – you can use wood everywhere and make the interior look luxurious.
  1. Environment Friendly Décor – Go for eco-friendly home décor products. This will make your home super luxurious and at the same time help you can save money. After a long day of hard work, when you go to home, the environment friendly theme would make you feel revitalized and refreshed.

With some creativity and aptitude, you can bring personality and theme into your house. And what would be better than that when your home is available with all basic and hi tech amenities. Wave Estate offers premium apartments, designed in such a way where you can incorporate luxury items easily.

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