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Home décor is as daunting a task as it is fun. When it comes to all the things that you can do with the space, the possibilities seem endless. However, there are various aspects that need to be taken care of, to bring out the kind of vibe you want your living space to have.

To be able to do that, you have to have a clear idea of certain dos and don’ts regarding home decor.

Don’t put Small Artworks on Big Walls

Dimension is a vital aspect in case of both architecture and design. To lessen the gloominess reflected by a large empty wall, people often resort to artworks and wall hangings, which is all nice and good until the dimensions don’t comply.

Large art pieces, when put on large walls, bring a sense of wholeness. So, ensure that the artwork you choose is sized rightly as per the available space. Also, make a note to hang these pieces at eye-level and not lower or higher up, closer to the ceiling.

Hang Curtains Wide and High on Windows

Curtains don’t just amplify privacy or obstruct extra light; they are also instrumental in enhancing the aesthetics of the place. The right kind of curtain can lend character and glamour to the interiors of the room. But that’s not all. The manner in which you hang or drape a curtain matters significantly too.

To make your living space all luxurious and classy, hang the curtains higher than the window level, and wide too.

Don’t Choose a Rug that does Not Conform to the Space

To make their apartments look sophisticated and nice, people often cover up the floor with rugs. Area rugs, in this case, given their ease to remove, are more popular than carpets. However, with rugs too, you have to be mindful of the size or dimension.

When you opt for a small sized rug that gets hidden beneath all that furniture in your living room, it gives the space a dwarfed look. The rule is to purchase a rug that floats a few inches under the furniture and is proportionate.

Try out Different Fixtures

With changing times, people’s taste in terms of home décor and interiors has changed too. Homogeneity has become dull, and mix-and-match, be it in terms of texture or décor, is back in fashion. Again, with the availability of large variety of options, right from leathers, sequins, weaves, light and dark shades to fluffy items, there’s a lot to play around with when you mix and match.

Your home is a space where you do not only spend a major part of your time, but also entertain guests in. Hence, it is very important for your house to feel and look good. Home décor may seem like a titanic task at first, but once you figure things out, you start to see things fall into place!