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What is Low Rise Housing?

The Indian Building Code defines low-rise housing as a building up to the height of 15 m having G+ 3/4 with lesser occupants than high-rise apartments. These homes have their own economic, locational, and operational advantages over a high-rise building that makes them popular among a certain section of home buyers.

Usually, the low-rise housing is also low-density housing which gives a respite from increasingly cluttered urban spaces that resemble a concrete jungle devoid of any breathing space. They give an impression of old-world community housing to those homebuyers who seek more privacy and space.

Here are a few reasons that the low rise housing is again gaining ground in the recent times

Homes for a Complete Family- The low-rise housing is good for a large family having children and elders. Elders and children sometimes face challenges in high-rise buildings like climbing the stairs, being stuck in elevators, the risk of falling down from heights, etc. For such situations, low-rise housing is the best option where they can stay close to the ground without any fear and inhibition.

Cohabiting with Nature

A good home is about an optimum temperature where a sufficient inlet of sunlight and air comes. In a high-rise building, the air temperature decreases with the height and hence you must have noticed higher wind speeds and prolonged direct heat durations. As a result, high-rise creates extreme weather conditions that need constant maintenance, like air-conditioning and higher electricity usage, etc.  This is not the case with low-rise housing. It comes with the advantage of good ventilation and light to provide a healthy ambiance that creates moderate weather conditions. In short, low-rise housing is energy-efficient living.

Easier Emergency Exits

Low-rise housing is comparatively more earthquake-resistant than a high-rise building and has a lower probability of collapsing in case of an earthquake. The incidents like an earthquake have time and again proven that the low rise housing is more resilient and stable. In case of emergencies and exigencies, the evacuation becomes easier, and quicker and causes minimum harm to the residents.

High Re-sale Value and Low Maintenance Cost

It’s a proven fact that the low rise housing gives a higher RoI as compared to high rise buildings. There is a higher appreciation in the property price of a low-rise house. Not only this a low-rise house is much more energy-efficient and incurs lower maintenance costs to the residents and developers. So, from the future sale perspective of the house, the low-rise housing is a better option.

Low-Density Housing

Since the pandemic times, there is a greater demand for low-density housing for healthy living. As there is a lesser number of residents in a low-rise housing apartment, there is also a lesser strain on resources, like water, air, and electricity.  Such kind of housing promotes sustainable living among the residents in the long run.

The above benefits make the low rise housing a clear winner over the high-rise buildings

Wave Estate- A coveted address for Low Rise Residence

Wave Estate is situated at the heart of Mohali in Sector 85 and 99 sprawling over 246 acres of area. Wave Estate is Mohali’s first gated and well-secured community that offers both residential and non-residential units designed by reputed international global consultants. Planned and constructed over 2.3 million sq. feet of area. Wave Estate is a Pre-Certified Gold Rated township from IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) fully complying with green living standards. To date, Wave Estate has handed over 1000 + possessions letters with 500 + families already residing.

As one of the premium addresses of Mohali, Wave Estate hosts a cluster of residential and commercial units like contemporary Villas, Plots, Premium Group Housing, Independent Floors, SCOs Commercial Areas, Community Centres, and Educational Institutes. Wave Estate is situated in an unmatched vicinity of prime landmarks, like Mohali Cricket Stadium, International Airport, ISBT, and leading Educational and Corporate houses like IISER and Indian School of Business.

Due to these various reasons, Wave Estate is emerging as a leading choice for low-rise housing in recent times.