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In an urbanization concrete jungle, finding a home that can promote a healthy lifestyle for a family is a big challenge. When the population was sparse and less dense, a good share of a healthy environment was available for all of us but it is not so now. To find a home in a green and open space that can offer a healthy lifestyle is no less than a luxury. With the coming of Green Buildings, Green Structures, Green Business Centers and Green Townships, Indian real estate has been able to blend a healthy and sustainable lifestyle into the present constructions.

So, what is the concept of Green structures or Green Homes? What factors classify these structures as Green, why are they termed Green, and how are they different from normal buildings? Let us get an insight into this new age concept of Green Structure and its parent body- IGBC, Indian Green Building Council.

The Formation of IGBC

IGBC was formed in 2001 to create such environmental, energy and resource-efficient homes, as a part of the Confederation of Indian Industry. The council was formed with a mission of enabling a sustainable built environment for housing and facilitating India as one of the global leaders in such sustainable built environments by 2025.  The council consist of leading Architects, Developers, Corporate, Product Manufacturers, Academia and Nodal Services for providing value addition to the council’s activities. IGBC closely coordinates with the authorities like State and Central Governments, World Green Building Councils to promote green building concepts all across the country. IGBC offers various services for establishing this mission, like developing Green Buildings Programs, Certification and Training Services.

Green Buildings and its Features

In the simplest terms, Green buildings are those which are energy and resource-efficient in their operations and structures.  IGBC are the standards developed for creating such environmentally-friendly buildings.

The Green building brings an integrated approach to the construction based on five elements of nature (Panchbhuta). It blends both ancient architectural practices with modern technological innovations in the construction of buildings. So, these energy and environmental principles maintain a balance between already established practices and emerging concepts.

All the resources involved in creating such a structure are very energy efficient like building materials, water, any other resource etc. These buildings generate minimum non-degradable waste. With the use of the latest smart technology, these buildings ensure that there is minimum wastage of electricity or water. The smart sensors in these buildings sense the utilization of electricity, heat or water consumption and accordingly maintains an optimal use.  For example- the new-generation CFL and LED are used instead of the conventional incandescent lamps so that there is less consumption of electricity. Another example is the use of technology like air-based flushing technology in toilets.

So, green buildings practice a host of sustainable practices and solutions so that there is the minimum harmful impact on the environment.

What are IGBC Green Homes?

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green Homes rating program is designed for residential construction.  These homes have their own benefits like reduced water and operating energy costs during the full life cycle of the building right from day one. These homes have 20 to 30% energy savings and 30 to 50% water saving advantage over regular homes. Also, these homes are known for their enhanced air quality, excellent daylight, safety benefits, conservation of natural resources and overall health benefits for residents.

These are the major core areas for establishing IGBC standards and only the projects that meet all the mandatory requirements in terms of accepted energy and environmental principles can apply for IGBC Certifications.

  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Materials & Resources in Design and Development
  • Innovation in Development
  • Sustainable Architecture and Design
  • Indoor Environmental Quality

The various IGBC Certification Rating systems are the following

  • IGBC Green Homes rating system
  • IGBC Green Factory Building rating system
  • IGBC Green SEZ Rating System

Every rating is further divided into the following levels

  • ‘Certified’ to recognise best practice
  • ‘Silver’ to acknowledge the outstanding performance
  • ‘Gold’ to acknowledge the national excellence
  • ‘Platinum’ to acknowledge the global leadership

IGBC also has a Pre-Certification System where a developer can apply for IGBC Pre- Certification at the design stage by providing design details and features for the required compliances for the ratings in the following categories

  • IGBC New Buildings
  • IGBC Green Homes
  • IGBC Green Townships
  • IGBC Green SEZs

These residential buildings are eligible for IGBC ratings

  • Individual homes
  • High rise residential apartments
  • Gated communities
  • Row Houses

Wave Estate-An IGBC Pre-Certified Silver Rated Green Township

Wave Estate is a distinguished address located at the heart of Mohali in Sector 85 and 99, spread across 245 acres. It’s one of the most preferred residential locations in Mohali due to its Pre-Certified Silver Rated Green Township rating which makes it one of the top-notch places to live. Wave Estate is designed by keeping in mind the highest standards and has been constructed by internationally renowned global consultants like Studio DRA-UK, Meinhardt International and Infra 13. The entire Wave Estate has been designed in a way that due to its space effectiveness and contemporary design, promotes an overall healthy lifestyle among the residents.

Wave Estate is a gated community with an ultra-fine collection of contemporary villas, plots, premium group housing, independent floors, SCO and commercial areas. With unmatched landmarks like Mohali Cricket Stadium, Chandigarh International Airport, Indian School of Business and the upcoming Mohali City Center, Wave Estate is a perfect location to plan your next house!