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The perfect office space in Mohali can help a business flourish. While most of us just think of price when looking for office space, there are number of other factors to keep in mind. A decision taken with just “price” as a consideration can cause problems later on. Read on to find some important aspects you shouldn’t overlook.
The place you rent for business is incredibly important as it not only affects your day to day operations and morale of the staff but also your brand image. While there are many factors that can impact which office you choose; here are 5 factors that are crucial to this process. Overlooking any one of these can lead to unnecessary hassle in the later run.

1. Location
The most crucial factor for evaluating your office is location. It is important to consider “location” as the primary aspect while looking for office space due to the fact that the address will reflect on your business card, company’s website and your profession. Everyone, from clients to employees to vendors, will associate your business with its location. For instance, if your business is going to be based out of Mohali, then take the following considerations while looking for office space in Mohali:
•    Is the area around the location is safe?
•    What are the commuting options available?
•    Does it have amenities like restaurants, eateries, etc. nearby?
2. Price

Price is another important factor while searching for an office space. Many startup founders have been known to spend a large part of the available funds on big office space irrespective of knowing its area per square feet and other minute details. Always remember that all the furnished office space available for rent comes with a high maintenance cost, furniture, parking and other utilities like conference room, printer/scanner, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. Thus, it is recommended that you identify your budget and plan things accordingly. Also, when rent an office space, it is recommended to carefully read the lease agreement and check if there is any hidden cost included. Many office providers are known to offer space for a very low price and then add prices for common facilities such as cleaning and maintenance charges.
3. Size

Size should always be considered while examining an office space. Office space should be rented keeping in mind the current requirement and team, and the future scope of the company. To avoid wasting money, startups looking for office space in Mohali are recommended to buy a shared office space or a small office space on rent. Remember, your office should have decent amount of moving space for employees and their own personal space.
4. Infrastructure

Proper infrastructure allows your business to function with ease. For example, some offices generally include internet access as part of the rent, but if you are leasing the property, you will have to separately factor in the cost getting the internet connection. Also, a well-equipped office creates a positive work environment. This will only motivate employees, resulting in company’s growth and development.
5. Ambience of the workplace

While hunting for an office space, always consider the look and feel of it. The ambience of the workplace acts as a fantastic branding tool, and thus, should reflect the image of your business and work culture.

Don’t be tempted into leasing the cheapest office space you find, regardless of whether the office space is in Mohali or someplace else. Keep the points in mind and get a space that helps in your business flourish instead of hindering it.

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