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Mohali is one of the fastest growing cities in North India, and provides an array of opportunity to invest in its commercial real estate. What makes it even more attractive is the fact that the prices are still relatively low compared to other cities. This makes it easier to invest in commercial spaces, like shops in Mohali. But there are other integral factors you must look into before investing in a commercial property available for sale. Here are few points to keep in mind while investing in Mohali’s commercial real estate.

Location of Office and Shops in Mohali

Just like with residential establishments, the location of offices and shops in Mohali which you want to invest in is important. Commercial real estate provides returns in the following ways – rent and capital appreciation. Both of these are heavily reliant on the location. Try to find commercial properties for sale in locations where vacancy rates are below 5 per cent. The rate implies that the tenants are less likely vacate. This leads to higher rents and capital appreciation. A location with high vacancy rates gives tenants more options to move or renegotiate rents.

Quality of Commercial Property for Sale

Two buildings may be located in the same neighbourhood, but the building that boasts better quality will be able to get rented first. Not only will it get rented first but it will also attract better quality tenants. The building will give you higher rents, better tenant retention rates and higher capital appreciation. If the building has LEED gold or platinum rating or has nicer looking lobbies and elevators, you could be get better rent than other buildings in the area.

Quality of lessees

If the office or shop in Mohali already has a good lessee, than investing in it would be a good idea. This is because a good lessee can help increase the value of a commercial property. Having good tenants will ensure that you get rent on time, in addition to getting higher deposits. Longer durations of stay reflect stability on part of both the parties, which in turn helps increase the value of your commercial property in the long term.

Interior fitments

As an investor looking to invest in offices and shops in Mohali, you should always look who has done the interior fitments within the property. When a commercial property is delivered in India, it is done as a bare shell. The lessee would be required to do the flooring, ceiling, air conditioner, interior cabins, etc. Some lessees would want the developer to do the interior while others will do it on their own. Keep in mind that a lessee who does his own fitments is likely to stay longer.


We all know that diversification reduces risk, and this is extremely true when it comes to investing in commercial real estate. If you invest all the savings in a single office or shop in Mohali, you will be exposing yourself to a greater risk. In case the lessee vacates, you will end up paying maintenance, property taxes, etc. So try to invest in more than one commercial property for sale in Mohali to make the most of your investment.

When you keep the above mentioned factors in mind, you can then rest assured as you’ll be making a balanced investment which will reap strong benefits in the long term.

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