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With changing times, the preference of home buyers (with respect to property) is changing too. Most home buyers these days think practically, and want the best that a residential property has to offer without crossing their budgetary limits. In that regard, independent floors meet their requirements quite efficiently, which is what is nudging their demand in the market.

Now, before we delve deeper into understanding what the many benefits of “independent floors” are, let’s first understand what the term is actually referring to.

Independent Floors – What are they?

Independent floors refer to floors in a building, mostly low-rise, that is a part of a gated society. People often confuse independent floors with independent houses. The thing about independent floors is that there is more than one residential unit on one single piece of land that’s available on freehold, and the ownership of each can differ. Independent houses, on the other hand, refer to properties, the ownership of which belongs to the same individual who owns that plot of land. They themselves are responsible for maintaining the entire space.

Benefits of independent floors

Exclusivity – People living in independent floors in Mohali talk of exclusivity as one of the major advantages that come along with the property. Independent floors are designed as per a set plan created by skilled architects, and have an equal focus on form and function. That helps ensure that your way of life is as splendid as it is functional.

Enhanced lifestyle – Independent floors for sale in Mohali, Delhi and other big cities bring along a host of amenities that are meant to offer comfort and convenience to the residents. Besides spacious and creatively designed apartments, dedicated lifts, parking facilities, 24/7 water and power supply, parks, clubhouses, dedicated playing area for kids, and swimming pools are a few other amenities that you stand to gain of, in independent floors.

Safety and security – As a part of a gated society, independent floors come with high levels of security. Professional guards man the building entrances and surveillance cameras are installed at various places to ensure round-the-clock security. Knowing that your family and possessions are safe lends a sense of relief and confidence to homeowners.

Plethora of facilities close by – Independent floors are generally planned at locations which have various standard facilities, such as hospitals, schools, colleges, banks, shopping complexes etc. within its vicinity. The nearness to these services adds t to the convenience of the residents, making their lives more easy-going.

Besides all of the above, with independent floors, you are afforded a stress-free life. You have your residential space to yourself but not the responsibility of maintaining the entire property as would be the case with independent housing. All of these factor in to underline just how popular independent floors are, and why their demand is increasing as time progresses.