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From hosting one of the oldest cricket grounds, Mohali has gradually turned into a hub of modern living spaces due to increased real estate giants in the surrounding. If we talk about houses for sale in Mohali at different price points, then the canvas to experiment with the colours widens! And if there is one space you need to start with, it is the bedroom.

The coziest corner of any house, a bedroom is one of the key elements that define the feel and vibe of this space depending largely on the colors used on the walls. There are a few sets of colours which lift up the mood, add aesthetic charm at and at the same time create a distinguished tone of the space.

With a constant urge to have a distinctive looking bedroom, experimenting with colour schemes is th next logical step. The colour choices differ as per the city, its residents and cultural preferences. Let’s have a brief look at how you can create an impact within your bedroom.

What colour schemes can you go for?

• Yellow and White: Yellow is a color of cheer. In order to enhance the warmth and cheer, yellow and white colour scheme is highly recommended. Add a dash of instant brightness and create an impact even in a limited space.

• Purple and Red: Add a dash of exuberance and class to your lovely abode with the mix of Purple and Red. The classic blend uplifts the mood in no time. But, make sure to strike a balance with the right proportion of usage. If done right, then this is the safest yet most impact combination to explore.

• Orange and Pink: Go bold with the ultra-vibrant blend of Orange and Pink. This combination is highly loved by the teenage group. Fresh and youthful hues help them to translate their inner spirit.

• Orchid and Gold: A bit on the expensive side, the expense made on this color combination is a smart price to pay for your flat in Mohali. Create a distinguished living statement with Orchid and Gold colours. This sophisticated and chic look is all that you need to translate royalty. You can add some regal décor elements in order to enhance the overall look. These shades go well with the comparatively larger space due to the grandeur feel attached with the colours.

• Hot Pink and Mint Green: Give a dramatic look to your bedroom with the unusual blend of Hot Pink and Mint Green. Create a dramatic contrast with the softness of Mint Green and intensity of Hot Pink. The subtle and inviting look is sure to make a class-apart statement.

• Royal Purple and Pale Blue: The vintage combination of Royal Purple and Pale Blue is one of its kinds. For the ones with a deeper love for vintage décor’ can surely go for this one. But, as they say striking the right balance is an art which a very few acquire. Be absolutely right with the décor you use to compliment the overall feel.

Be it the more affordable spaces or the luxury ones, the price spent on a flat in Mohali for revamping its bedrooms is not just dictated by the colours available but the preferences as well. At the same time, it goes without saying that choosing the right colour combination can make all the difference in how your bedroom looks and feels.

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