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Vastu is an art and a science relating to a space and its architecture. It holds a lot of significance in the Indian context, and also reflects in the buying behavior of Indians. As per popular beliefs, whether you’re buying a 3BHK flat in Noida or a villa in Mohali, Vastu compliance is an aspect that you must consider in order to ensure happiness and prosperity of your family.

Significance of Vastu in Real Estate

As per real estate trends and studies denoting the buying behavior, buyers are more inclined towards buying vastu compliant houses. Even while buying a resale property, buyers tend to go for houses following the practice of vastu. Real estate developers are also consciously promoting vastu compliance as one of the key factors in order to attract more and more buyers.

Know the Shastra behind Vastu

A home is not just four walls and a roof on its head. It is a family residing in it, happily and peacefully. Vastu Shastra has a quintessential role to play in order to facilitate the well-being of the people residing in a house. It ensures the house is enveloped in an ambience wherein positive energies flow and strengthen the bonds of the residents. It’s a science that addresses the never ending quest of living life at its best.

Following are some of the parameters that help you to check the vastu compliance of the property you have your own:

• The Entrance: The entrance must be vastu compliant in order to usher positivity and happiness in. Generally, an entrance located towards north and north-east is preferred. South and west entrances are a strict no-no in vastu terms, the main reason being the sun rays from either of these directions is harmful for health.

• Toilets and Bathrooms: The ideal place for them is south-west or the southern corner of the property. The wind generally blows from north east to south east, and if the toilets are in north-east, then the wind will blow from the toilet to the living room, thereby polluting the overall feel.

• Bedrooms: Bedrooms must be in the south of south west, and the master bedroom should not be in the north east corner. It causes major loss of finances, lack of sleep, illness and also prohibits overall growth.

• Kids Room: The kid’s room must be in the south-east. It is highly recommended to avoid having a children’s bedroom in the west of north-west corner in order to avoid ill-effects on children.

• Kitchen: Ideally, the kitchen should be on the south-east corner of the flat. It is called as Aagneya – the direction led by fire. The apartment with kitchen in the north corner should be strictly avoided.

These are some of the key vastu parameters you must keep in mind before buying a property. However, even if your property is not vastu complaint or you are buying a resale property, these are certain vastu remedies that help you fix the ‘vastu dosh’ in your property.

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