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The constraint of space is not a constraint when you are smart enough with your approach. Whether your dream home is a spacious living grandeur or a little nest of happiness, there are always ways to make the most of your living space.

From metropolitan cities like Mumbai to rapidly progressing cities like Mohali, people are consciously making efforts to create a statement with their homes. In particular, if we talk about the city of Mohali, then people are gradually showing a lot of interest in this hub of real estate. The properties in Mohali are very much in demand due to the ever increasing presence of real estate giants in the city.

The city of Mohali is always loved for being a home to the country’s one of the oldest cricket grounds. But lately, property sale in Mohali has been creating a lot of buzz for having some of the most advanced living spaces. One of the major factors that define these living spaces is the exquisite décor. Bathroom décor in such a case holds a lot of significance. This little corner of the house never fails to create an impact.

So, if you own a home in one of the residential plots in Mohali, then consider following bathroom tiles ideas for small sized bathrooms.

1. Add Large Tiles for Small Bathrooms: Are you thinking to go for small tiles for small bathrooms? Think again! Large tiles in small bathrooms not only look visually appealing, but also trick the mind of people into thinking the space is bigger than it actually is!

2. Add a Touch of Sophistication with Black Tiles: Turn your bathroom into a sophisticated space by adding black tiles within your décor’. You can also add a wallpaper of your choice to introduce your personal touch to it.

3. Add more Depth with Stark White and Chevron Stripes: Make your small bathroom look larger and add depth by using Stark White and Chevron Stripes. It also helps to create a fully open and airy space.

4. Add Subtlety with Diagonal Pattern Tiles: Let your space reflect the language of modern and subtle style with diagonal pattern tiles. Residential plots in Mohali will give you enough room to experiment, but even in case of a space constraint, a little experiment won’t do any harm. So, go for it!

5. Add a Baby Feel with Bubble Gum Pink Bathroom: Children at home? If yes, then go for Bubble Gum Pink Bathroom! And even otherwise, you can go for this floor style in order to make your space look attractive and spacious.

6. Add a Touch of Simplicity with Large Neutral Tiles: If you don’t want to experiment too much, then go for large neutral tiles and keep it simple. These tiles not only help reflect more light, but also create an illusion of wide space.

7. Add a Feel of Boldness with Graphic Tiles: Make a bold statement with graphic tiles. Elongate the space with horizontal effect. But, don’t do too much as it works only when it’s done right.

8. Add More Light with White Floor Tiles: Pure white tiles in the bathroom add more light at the same time makes the space look bigger and brighter. You can integrate a patterned wallpaper to add a little drama.

It may not be easy, but it’s not that difficult either! Recognize what option your bathroom would best benefit from, and go for it.

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