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Chandigarh and Mohali are fast becoming ‘real estate hotspots’, for home buyers and real estate investors alike, in North India.  The cities have high quality education, literacy rate and impeccable infrastructure & greenery. Mohali is an organized city with lots of amenities. You will find a lot of options for buying a property here, but you should separate the better ones from the bunch.

Probability of an increase in the value of property in Mohali

With a number of reputed educational institutions in and around, Mohali has transformed itself into promising educational hub. This, along with other growth stimulators such as flattering connectivity to other big cities in North India and presence of global companies has also prompted people to settle or invest in properties. There is also a high probability of capital appreciation in real estate value in foreseeable future. Hence, it’s the perfect time to invest in a property for sale in Mohali

If investment is your only agenda and you just want good value for money from buying property, you may go for the tri-city area where there is a high probability of an increase in real estate value in near future. But make sure to assess the probable resale value in future, before you buy property here

Factors to Consider for an Investment

Several factors to consider are location, primary infrastructural development around the area and proximity of places of daily interest, such as market, office and schools from your chosen property. But there are other factors to ponder over too, before you buy property here.

  • How is the reputation of the builder or developer?
  • Whether the on-site facilities match with those as promised?
  • Whether the property in Chandigarh has a RERA registration or not?

In addition to the things mentioned above, you would do well to consider the below-mentioned points too-

  • Make sure to have a thorough site inspection to have an idea about whether the layouts of the property for sale in Mohali is conforming to the reality or not.
  • You should also verify whether or not the property for sale is constructed in accordance with the existing building and land laws of the region.
  • Most of the property for sale in Mohali, these days, are approved by the leading banks. Find out which bank is offering home loan at the low rate of interest. Also, check whether you are eligible or not, to avail the interest subsidy as per provisions in the PMAY or Prime Minister’s Awas Yojana (Urban). If you are, a good chunk of your probable EMI will come down.

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