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The houses designed in Spanish and Mediterranean styles are mostly preferred by people living in a warm climate. The earth tiled rooftops majorly used in this kind of architectural designs help in keeping the homes cool in summers. The homes designed in this style are usually completed with white or pastel shades on the outside such as on arched gates etc. The houses with these designs are always popular among Indians because of their elegant looks and beautiful designs.

Wave Estate in Mohali also introduced Spanish and Mediterranean styled Villas. The determination of Spanish and Mediterranean designs of Wave Villas combines great designs with high caliber, supportable and environmental materials. They provide a good environment with open living spaces, spacious bathrooms, recreation facilities etc.

Some more features to add beauty to these villas are:

  1. These Spanish and Mediterranean designs of Wave Villas bring beautiful and lavish architecture to your home.
  2. These designs of Wave Villas can add beauty to the look of tiles with a bordered mosaic tile on floors, walls or furniture.
  3. Landscaping outside the villas is designed by international specialists.
  4. Housekeeping facility is provided on demand from proficient housekeeping administration suppliers.
  5. These are Wi-Fi empowered lavish villas.
  6. These villas will give you a feel of living a lavish life at beautiful places like Spain, Italy or Greece.

Wave Villas are built at protected premises and are planned with exceptional techniques that encourage comfort while spoiling you with extravagance all around. Living in “peacefulness” that combines with fantastic amenities is our thought while working on this project. Our aim is to give you and your family an opportunity to have a lavish villa with some amazing Spanish and Mediterranean designs and make it all yours.

Thinking about a sound way of life for its residents, Wave Villas take care of environmental and health benefits of its residents along with beautiful designs.

Living at Wave Villa, you can spend a stress less life. You need not worry about your children’s safety. Furthermore to ensure a healthy life, only moderate moving transport vehicles like golf carts, bicycles and so on permitted on the base level.

So enjoy a lavish life at Wave Villas and contact us to know more!

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