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With growing prospects for development of the commercial sector in Mohali, real estate developers have shifted their focus to commercial projects. As a result, there has been a strong emergence of new commercial properties in Mohali, with promises to deliver the best working spaces to professionals in the city.

So what exactly should investors focus on, to avoid going wrong with their choice of commercial properties in Mohali? Let’s have a look –

Location – Location is of prime importance in real estate and should be one of the first things that you check out. You need to ensure that the commercial property you are considering is located in a safe area, one which is clear on the legalities front, and where development is expected in the years to come. A good office location would be one that is well-connected to other important areas in the city.

Accessibility – An accessible office will not only help you attract employees but also extend your client base, since it will be easier for people to reach to the site. Places that are easily accessible will automatically see the availability of multiple modes of conveyance.

Infrastructure – Some of the best commercial properties in Mohali are the ones featuring well-established infrastructure in and around them. Infrastructural amenities should include a range of things right from power set-up to banks, ATMs, cafes, shopping complexes and other entertainment options. Presence of exquisite hotels in the immediate neighbourhood will also aid you in making arrangements for client meets outside office and arranging accommodation for your clients.

Parking space – Parking space is something that you cannot miss out upon when looking for commercial properties in the city. Lack of required parking space is a growing problem in various big cities in India. And although onsite parking is what you should majorly concentrate upon, making parking arrangements nearby is also something that you can keep as an option.

Ambience – A lot of corporate firms miss out upon the fact that ambience in and around the working space actually affects the productivity of the employees. Not to mention, the ambience of your office also influences the impression that your clients have of you. Some of the biggest enterprises in the world are recognized for maintaining creative office spaces, for instance, Facebook and Google.

Once you have made your evaluation based on the above-mentioned factors, you also need to consider the property prices in Mohali, in order to arrive at your final decision. It will also be smart on your part to have foresight while investing in a commercial property in Mohali.