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When we talk about the hot selling residential projects in the beautiful city of Mohali, investors and buyers are keen to know more about them, their builders, the market prices and what all they are offering. As the real estate market is booming rapidly in Mohali, many reputed builders are showcasing their interest. Many Mohali land developers have already started their projects and many are bringing up new residential projects that promises to give a wonderful living experience.

One of the many residential projects that need mentioning here is Wave Estate. Wave Estate is one of the well-known upcoming residential projects in the heart of Mohali in sector 85 and 99 where it is building a gated community with first-class amenities, contemporary designs and lavish housing style in the form of villas, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK apartments, independent houses etc.

Why to invest in residential projects of Mohali?

Residential projects in Mohali can offer lucrative returns in future. If you are a local resident of Mohali and looking to invest in residential plots here, then it’s the right time to conduct your research. Check out for the projects that can give you better opportunities than residential properties like apartments, flats or villas.

Firstly, the cost of the property at construction stage is less than the one which is already built. Projects/Plots which have just been announced for sale by the developer will take few years for completion and guarantees escalation in prices. After completion, you can semi-furnish the property and lease it to earn rental income also.

Secondly, presence of IT multinational companies like Dell and Emerson has turned the city into a corporate hub. It has opened the doors to new employment and generated job opportunities for people residing within the city and also from other parts of India. They will require residential places to settle either temporarily or permanently. So, investment in residential projects at the right time can ensure whopping returns to the investors and also the buyers.

Points to checkout for before investing in a residential project

Clarity on purpose:

It is important to be clear on the purpose of investing your hard-earned money on a residential project.

Background check of the builder:

One must conduct thorough research about the credibility of the builder, which includes his portfolio of projects delivered in the past, the time taken for completion, any legal interventions, quality etc.

Project benefits:

The most essential part while looking for the best residential project for investment is to find out what benefits it is providing to you as a resident. It involves the amenities it is offering, discounts, locational benefits, healthy & green surrounding, builder’s scheme & schedule for maintenance after construction etc.

Is the price negotiable?

Since the project is yet to start, hence the builder can bend the price if you are keen in investing your money in that project. So, it is also advisable to negotiate the price to an extent it sounds mutually appealing to both the parties.

With so many residential projects in pipeline, investor has to very be smart, well researched and informed before investing in any of the projects. A comparative analysis can be of great help too. Wise investment today can give you excellent returns tomorrow.