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Interested in having healthy yields on investment? Almost everybody knows this fact for sure that property always gives better gains over other available investment options. Thus, if you are planning to buy a plot, it can be extremely rewarding purchase.

However, before taking any final steps, one should check some vital factors to ensure that one is trading with the genuine seller and investing its hard earned money in a plot which is approved by the concerning government departments and authorities.

8 Key things which one should check before purchasing:

  1. Location: It is essential that you are well aware with the location of the plot by estimating its closeness to the significant areas like hospitals, schools, railway stations, bus depots etc.
  2. Always check the price from 2 or 3 sources: Do not buy a plot merely because it looks cheaper to you, it is always advisable before purchasing a property always consult 2, 3 real estate dealers to learn the real value of the plot/land. Once you get a fair idea of the price, you can negotiate better.
  3. Check Title Deed: Verify whether the seller of the plot has the full right over the property or not. The initial step in this is to see the title deed of the plot which you are planning to purchase. Confirm whether the plot is in the name of the seller and he has the full authority to sell the land and no other person is involved in it. Always consult a reputed lawyer to examine the original title deed.
  4. Encumbrance Certificate: This piece of document can be obtained from the sub-registrar’s office where the deed is registered. This certificate states that the land is free of any legal hassle & unpaid dues.
  5. Property Tax Receipts and Bills: From the owner of the land Ask for original copies of property tax receipts and bills and make sure all the fees have been made, this is entirely necessary as leniency in this matter could lead to legal complexities and results in more expense in the future.
  6. Clearance from the Banks: In some instances, you will find that the owner of the plot acquires a certain amount of loan against the plot. In a situation like this, you will have to obtain a clearance certificate from the bank, which states that the loan which is taken against the piece of land has been fully repaid and no dues are left on the property.
  7. Check the land-use: It is crucial to verify the land-use as stated in the city master plan. To obtain the city master plan reach out the local body office in the city you are residing.
  8. Full List of Documents Required While Buying a Land / Plot


Sr. No List of Documents to be verified
1 Sale Deed, Title Deed, Mother Deed, Conveyance Deed
2 RTC Extracts
3 Katha Certificates and Extracts
4 Mutation Registration Extracts
5 Joint Development Agreement
6 Power of Attorney
7 Sanctioned Building plan
8 NOC from Electricity Dept. / Pollution Dept. / Water Works / Port Authority
9 Sale & Construction agreement between developer/Builder & 1st owner
10 Copy of Possession letter from Builder / Developer
11 Any Loans on Property verification
12 Sale Agreement with the Seller
13 All Paid Tax receipts
14 EC up to date for last 13 years
15 Demand letter from Vendor before disbursement
16 NOC from Society / Building
17 No Due Certificate
18 Approved Plan
19 Layout approval plan
20 Auction Sale confirmation letter from local authority
21 Release Deed if any
22 Completion Certificate
23 Occupancy Certificate
24 Deed of Declaration
25 Latest Electricity Bill

Note: Please note some documents may applicable to you and some may be not. Please verify

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