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Rapid infrastructural developments, superior connectivity, influx of IT companies, liveability quotient and the government’s constructive initiatives have made Mohali one of the best real estate investment destinations in Punjab. Similarly, when it is about investing in real estate, mix-use projects have taken the front seat.

Mohali is an upcoming tier-II city located very close to Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab, which makes investing here a highly promising option. Further, a lot of reputed construction companies in Mohali are coming up with a flurry of different projects, with a fair amount of them being mixed-use projects.

Mixed-use projects are commercial-cum-residential properties that combine residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and/or industrial areas. Nowadays, people prefer mixed-use developments from both investment and end-user perspectives. Mixed-use developments have a bright future; they offer a combination that meets a lot of needs of a customer, and also adds tremendous value both socially as well as economically.

If you are still confused about investing in mixed-use developments in Mohali, here are the benefits of mixed-use projects that you should know about: –

  • All-in-one project

Mixed-use developments are all-inclusive projects which offer everything from amenities to entertainment at one place. Plus, mixed-use developments are advantageous for both construction companies in Mohali as well as end-users. The primary benefit of mixed-use projects is that you get all three segments of real estate – residential, commercial and retail, in one!

  • Higher returns on investment

    Earlier when mixed-use projects were a new thing in the Indian real estate industry, it was considered to be a risky investment. But that point of view has changed, and mixed-use projects are now considered to be one of the best realty investments as they offer high return on investment. The young crowd prefers buying residential spaces which come with all amenities close by, and this is why this development model holds a lot of potential for the future.

  • Ease-of- accessibility to amenities

    Mixed-use developments come with a range of amenities all inside the township. From shopping mall and multiplex to luxury hotel and schools, these developments allow you the ease-of-accessibility to everything that you would need in your daily life. Plus, such projects are usually constructed at prime locations which further enhances accessibility to other parts of the city. Such residential-cum-commercial properties are more inclusive and connected communities, and certainly, benefit the buyers in many ways.

  • Better management

    Properties with commercial as well as residential spaces within their premises have the added benefit of better property management. Such properties generally have efficient management service companies present to attend to the different needs of the entire community.

  • Choice of young families

    When it comes to buying a home or investing in a property, young professionals prefer a prime location with excellent amenities, better management and ease-of-accessibility to various facilities. And all of these features are included in mixed-use developments. So, whether you are looking from the end-user or from the investor’s perspective, these developments score well in a property’s favor.

Mohali, with these attributes, is certainly amongst the emerging cities in India which offers ample options for real estate investments. Mixed-used projects are certainly one of the best realty investment options as it indeed the best of both worlds i.e. residential and commercial real estate.

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