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Various realty portals are attracting a huge number of end users and investors. The reason behind this is the convenience of understanding the market while sitting in your home or office. These portals bring detailed brief, comparison among projects and transparency to investors and quality information about projects. It serves as a tool to various investors to analyse the real estate market so as to invest wisely, which is best for them.

As per industry experts, websites such as,, etc. are becoming the first choice of investors. These websites help them to connect with developers of their choice and look for the best-suited projects across the geography. Experts find online realty portals as one of the emerging markets in the industry and expect it to grow at very fast pace in coming years.

Realty portals are also using the power of internet and expertise of various online marketers. Online marketers are playing a pivotal role in bringing this industry to the notice of realty investors. They create marketing strategies according to local demographics with the help of professional real estate agents in that area. Using these marketing strategies, they hit the right audience/investors. However, the success of realty projects still lies in the combination of conventional and digital marketing.

The various techniques applied by such portals to make the listed projects come into notice of investors are:

  1. Providing informational websites
  2. Developing blogs
  3. Actively participating in forums
  4. Generating RSS feeds
  5. Publishing online articles that target local markets

The above techniques are used by realty portals that ultimately help listed developers and property owners to get connected with investors. However, it is also essential to note that traditional marketing also works for realty projects. Some of the traditional marketing techniques used by developers are:

  1. Publishing promotional articles in print media like newspapers, magazines etc.
  2. Sending postcards, flyers, letters to clients
  3. Attracting investors through direct mail campaigns by real estate agents
  4. Investing time in face-to-face referrals

These marketing strategies can bring investors but they are just a source of connecting developers/property owners with the investors. At the end, it is important that realty projects are worth an investment. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of realty portals to list reputed developers only.

Wave Estate is a great example of providing quality real estate products to its investors in the city of Mohali. It gives quality lifestyle through its various residential and commercial properties with numerous recreation facilities and amenities. It sets a perfect example of quality realty projects listed with good realty portals.

Therefore, search for not only good realty portals but also for some good projects which are worth your investment.

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