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Mohali real estate has grabbed the attention from the populace of the entire nation. Many prominent real estate developers and prospective home buyers have an investment interest in Mohali property. The city is rapidly growing as a popular residential focal point for people in the tri-city region of Punjab. Several factors such as scarcity of land in Chandigarh, the nearby development of social and physical infrastructure and the presence of lush green space and beautiful lakes make the location more attractive and demanding.

Let us take a look at a some of the advantages or benefits of investing in Mohali real estate:

  1. Affordability: People looking to settle in the North Indian region of Punjab have to often, end up breaking their banks to own a house. However, in comparison to other nearby cities like Chandigarh, property for sale in Mohali is considerably lighter on the wallet. In Mohali, the cost of living is low as compared to the Chandigarh.
  2. Global Connectivity: Mohali real estate is the most promising destination for investment owing to its flattering connectivity. A Mohali property comes with the best interconnectivity via road systems as well as developed highways. Phases of Mohali are interconnected with Chandigarh. An international airport in the city sure does make it a global hotspot. You can avail direct flights to cities likes Dubai, Sharjah & Bangkok.
  3. Expanding Employment and Business Possibilities: Mohali is the commercial hub of North India just next to Gurgaon. Infrastructure and industrial growth at such a pace have drawn a lot of big companies as well as job seekers to the region. It houses global companies like Philips, Sebiz Infotech, Dell, SCL and state local companies like Godrej Group, PTL & ICI Paints. As a result, people are seeking property for sale to settle in the economically favouring city.
  4. Transport: On checking the property for sale in Mohali, one will be impressed to know about the excellent transport connectivity that the city offers. Residential projects are ideally located in such a manner that be it rail, road or any other means, travel and commute is convenient. Rail transport of the city linked it to major cities like Delhi, Amritsar and Ludhiana etc.
  5. Knowledge & Growth: Over the years, Mohali has grown into a knowledge hub. Institutes like National Institute of Nano Technology, National Institute of Agri Food Bio Technology, Indian Institute of Science Education & Research make this city a promising education zone. A variety of growth stimulators are present in the city of Mohali. There is a high bet on the probable increase in real estate prices and capital appreciation in the near future. The city’s sports-pro stance has, as a result, led to many hockey and cricket stadiums to be erected in no time. This development growth has made Mohali a hotspot for investment purposes.


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