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Mr Vikash Kumar holds multiple 2 BHK properties in various parts of Chandigarh, Punjab. Now, he wants to sell one of the properties as the same has given him almost 600% return in last 15 years. Like him, there are many aspiring sellers for properties across the country. In some places, the market is rewarding and in some places, still the realty market is struggling. Putting your property on the market is not an easy task. You need to do market research and keep into consideration several things before selling it. Here are some tips that may help you take a wise decision –

  1. Market Condition – Every industry has a market cycle and when market cycles play out, that becomes a favourable time to sell out the property. Keep a track on the ongoing property trends in the market. These factors help you quote the right property prices in the market.


  1. Property positioning in a desired way – Have a look on the property that are up for sale in your localities. Do they focus on their unique features? To gain a desired price, try to position your property in a different way, perhaps with some unique rational features.


  1. Minor repairs before sell – It is indispensable to set the right price of your property. In case if that is an old one, go for minor repairs and facelift. It can enhance the asking price of your property.


  1. Size of the property – The re-saleability of 2 BHK flats is high. Even if you want to put it on rent, you can easily do so. From an investment perspective, 2 BHK is suitable as it would sell fast.


  1. Online Display – In this information age, everything is going digital. Leverage the online websites and display the properties thereon. By listing your property, you get exposure to a bigger platform with wider audience reach.


  1. Attractive Photos – First, you need to attract home buyers make them come to the onsite.


  1. Tie up with a broker only after in-depth research – Don’t depend entirely on broker for any deal. Do the market analysis and then only discuss with broker about the property rates.


  1. Flexible payment options – Facilitate buyers with easy payment options. Instead of more cash up front, you can take the amount in instalments.


  1. Offer something Extra – You need to come out with an offer, give out something extra may be energy efficient models, LED TV, Split AC or any useful item to USP for your product.These tips can help you crack deals and sell your home fast. Best of Luck!