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Mohali, located in the south-west of Chandigarh is an upcoming mega town that is rapidly prospering in the real-estate market. Recognising the booming potential of the city numerous of real-estate investor perceive Mohali as one of the most rewarding sites. The following features add up to the value of Mohali with the viewpoint of an investor:

• Escalating Real-Estate Demand

One of the major factors that contribute to the fact that Mohali is an ideal option for home buyers and investors is that the city has seen an immense development in the IT Sector with more and more companies being set up which has substantially uplifted the industrial and residential areas and has raised the availability of plots, villas and flats in Mohali. This way, Mohali has successfully become a symbol of development in Northern India.

• The Cricketing Destination

With the industrial and residential developments, Mohali is also known for its topnotch cricket stadium which makes it a dream place for a cricket enthusiast. The proximity of the stadium to Chandigarh international trades make it one of the best places to host international cricket matches with a capacity of 28,000 people in the audience. This opens up doors to high-class entertainment as well as makes Mohali a commercial hub for many.

• Reside In the Lap of Nature

As we all know, Mohali is a city that is resplendent with scenic landscapes and picturesque backdrops. This surely gives Mohali an upper hand when a homebuyer/investor looks for a beautiful residential/commercial space for investment purposes. And the attributes that contribute to the beauty of the city is that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. With destinations like Amb Sahib Gurudwara, Bhakra Nangal Dam, and some wonderful Golf clubs, Mohali is one of the best tourist attractions and thus serve a lucrative prospect for the residents.

These were some of the features that make Mohali is truly one of the most sought after residential space at this age and time and the reason why home buyers and investors find it one of the ideal investment option.

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