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The aspect of urbanization alongside government schemes, such as the Smart City Mission, for improving the state of infrastructure in India has had a booming effect on the real estate of not just major cities, but also Tier-II and Tier-III cities within the nation.

One such city to have undergone a major overhaul with time is Mohali. Located close to Chandigarh, the capital of Haryana and Punjab, Mohali is counted among the swiftly emerging cities in India, holding promises of enhanced lifestyles for homebuyers, and high returns for commercial real estate investors.

Among the factors that make Mohali a preferred location for big real estate investments are –

Rapidly growing employment prospects

At present, options for employment, for people in Mohali are not only many, but also constantly growing. Given the numerous forthcoming investment plans in commercial properties in Mohali, by both the State Government and IT companies, various new prospects for employment are expected to crop up in the near future.

Furthermore, the attractive location, availability of numerous commercial spaces and affordable prices of properties in Mohali have also influenced investors to venture into the city’s real estate sector.

Connectivity and Infrastructure

Availability of enhanced connectivity and progressive infrastructure also make Mohali a viable option for investment in real estate. Besides offering people easy accessibility to the nearby cities of Delhi, Chandigarh, and Ambala through roads and railways, the city now also boasts of a new international airport.

Recognized already for its cricket stadium, the city also presents ample opportunities for quality education and healthcare, factors that are actively boosting the number of houses for sale in Mohali. The presence of a range of cineplexes, shopping malls, and retail stores in and around the city also help ensure that people can lead a life of convenience and comfort.

Rising Demand in the Residential Sector

Increasing prospects for employment have naturally encouraged people to consider Mohali as a location for residence as well. Rapid development of mega industrial and retail projects within the city have also paved way for various housing schemes and residential developments.

Areas such as Zirakpur, Mullanpur, and Gazipur are among the most preferred locations for housing within the city and witness huge demands from the population.

Safe and secure surroundings

Safety issues rank top among the concerns of the urban population. The low crime rates and effective safety measures operating within the city of Mohali therefore, go a long way to helping gain the trust of both homebuyers and investors.

Mohali in the present day offers ideal opportunities for investment, in both the residential and commercial sector. So, if you are someone with an interest in real estate, you better take time by the forelock.